What is a veneer?

Modern dentistry, in great part, concerns the improvement of aesthetics. The lifestyle that developed over the years in Poland tends to increase our care for health and appearance. Therefore, more and more patients choose to have veneers.

The veneer can be porcelain or composite. It is a very thin shell bond to tooth enamel in order to correct the shape or color of the tooth. Porcelain veneer is burned out in a special production process, which makes it more resistant against attrition and discolorations. In contrast to the composite veneer, it requires very good occlusal conditions, because the ceramics do not show any flexibility and may break, especially in patients with diagnosed bruxism.

However, it is the best and most durable solution for the patient that is currently offered by aesthetic dentistry.

What can be achieved by using veneers?
  • tooth color improvement on the brightness scale
  • the shape of the tooth improvement
  • correction of small gaps between teeth
  • teeth extension
  • elimination of small tooth rotation
When can’t you set up veneers?
  • recognized bruxism
  • missing teeth in the lateral segment
  • occlusal problems have not been treated orthodontically
  • too much color difference between the initial state and the expected state